social media

why is everything is so digital?

We know how you feel - you didn't set up your business to spend every waking hour updating your social media why would you bother doing this? 

Hashtag this, @ that, algorithms and insights blah blah blah. We've heard it all before but lets face it, what does half of these words even mean and how can they help your business. Well todays your lucky day. Jaymz has an ever increasing online following of 170,000+ so sit back and let him show you how to turn these weird words and terminology into something to help your business.

Lets dive into this digital pool of imagines and text with a 1:1 hangout showing you how to use social media. We'll cover:

  • Increase your followers

  • Create engaging & entertaining content

  • Eye pleasing grid ideas

  • “I don’t know when or how often to post”

  • Whats an algorithm?

  • Who should I be targeting?

  • Should I be posting stories / reels / IGTV ?

  • Formulate the PERFECT caption

  • Analytics / Insights

After the hangout notes have been analysed a personalised social media plan will for provided by email for you. This can be followed to help you achieve the goals that seem just too far away at the moment.